Fresh fruit, vegetables and fish and seafood will come right to your doorstep on a daily basis. The vendors are vetted by us, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to bargain though!

The closest supermarket is in Diani. Here, you will also find souvenirs, restaurants and a number of small shops. A word of warning: Regrettably, the continuing economic slump in Kenya has lead to an increase in crime. Do NOT attempt to walk to the main road, chances are that you will be mugged. Opt for a taxi, it is definitely cheaper in the long run.

Mombasa has a couple of very large supermarkets, notably Nakumatt and Uchumi. Here, you will find everything from basics to the exotic. Nakumatt has a good selections of books and magazines as well.

Head for the old town if you are looking for souvenirs, as most of the stalls along the main roads have been demolished in a recent cleanup campaign.

Should you be looking for a souvenir somewhat more original than a carved elephant, why not take a look at our locally produced furniture and carvings. Made entirely from local materials, and incorporating ancient traditions with modern styles, each piece is unique. Of course, we can also work to your specifications. For more information, visit our furniture page.

Should you intend to stay at Maweni Beach Cottages without your own transport, the shopping can be done for you (at a small fee to cover petrol).

Once again, do contact us for any specifics. Obviously, things do constantly change, and shops that are well and thriving today, might be gone by the time you read this.

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